Neural Tap

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In the logic game, Lights Off, change the lights to the same color to win the game. Use the classic strategies to solve the puzzle, but you’ll need to rethink those for solving new patterns and layouts. The classic square and hexagon layouts are available along with a new, more difficult triangle layout.

With three layouts, different board sizes and several patterns make this game fit for a quick game or mind-bending hours of challenge!

Simon is a classic memory game expanded in Neural Tap to include a variety of layouts. Now with even more spaces in play, how much can your memory handle?

Try a simple game with as few as 3 spaces to remember, or challenge yourself with 5, ten or more to see when the confusion sets in!

Whack a mole is a game of speed. See how quickly you can hit the lights before they turn off. Smaller layouts are easier, but can you keep up the speed when they get big? Be careful! False taps count against you too!

With several spaces on the board, you’ll wish you had more fingers to keep up!


  • New patterns unlock as you master them.
  • Complete all the Logic Game levels to unlock the ability to create and play custom patterns.
  • Score enough points to unlock the more advanced hexagon and triangle layouts.
  • Share your results and challenge your friends!