Hello 2020!

Bring on the resolutions

I’m starting the new year in the middle of launching my first app, Neural Tap. It’s released on Google Play Store and is in the works for iOS. I thought the hardest part was going to be developing the game, until I hit the release process which required flexing graphic design muscles that are, well…a bit under-developed. I had never thought much about things like app icons and store listings, but have read several articles on how important these things were. Let me tell you, after getting a whole 10 downloads of my app, I’m starting to think those articles might be right and that I also might not know what I’m doing yet. So back to the release process (and the heading of my post).

During development I had 1 test device plus my laptop to test on. The app looked good and ran just fine on my phone and the first few users seemed to have no problems with it. The main issue they’ve had is figuring out how to play the game. That was the main issue until it wasn’t. A friend who had downloaded the app had a problem where he had to tap below the buttons in order for them to register. Then a second user mentioned the same problem. Hmmm…. Fortunately that second user is a friend who lives nearby and showed me the issue. Not only was collision detection off, but the screen had some weird stretching going on. With only 10 users, I’m not too worried about a lot of people running into the issue, but some day in the not-so-distant future I’d like to have more than 10 users so I need to figure this out.

The other issue I hit? Releasing for iOS. Surprisingly, my first install on an iPhone resulted in the app looking just the way I hoped, albeit without working sound. The first install on an iPad however resulted in a view the size of an iPhone with lots of black space around it. It turns out, Apple has a method of determining which resolutions your app can handle which used to require several splash screen resolutions and now consists of a fancy launchscreen layout mechanism thingy that I’ve never used before and am now fumbling through.

Thanks to all the internets, I’m working through these problems and will soon have a perfectly running, resolution independent game on multiple mobile platforms delighting users the world round!