fm no more…

Around 8 years ago, I published my first (and so far only) app to the WP7 store.  FM Radio was a map-based FM radio tuning app that allowed you to listen to FM radio on your phone.  I personally didn’t want to spend money on a data plan to listen to internet radio on my phone so an app using the built in phone FM radio seemed like a great fit.  The phone used the headphones as an antenna and tuned over-the-air stations just like the radio in your car or the shoulder-mounted boombox you sported back in the 80’s.  I loved it.  A few hundred other people loved it.  A bunch of other people couldn’t figure out how to listen to the radio so they hated it.  I made $700 over 2 years and didn’t quit my day job.

I followed this app up by starting into implementing the classic Lights Off game I first programmed in high school on my TI-83.  It was a splendid waste of time.  The basic premise of the game is that you have to turn all the lights off.  Easy right?  The twist was that for every light you switched, the surrounding lights also switched.  A game is born.  Implementing this on the phone was a different story than the TI-83.  I started using Silverlight, which I had used to program FM radio.  This worked great, but I wanted more control over the graphics and animations than Silverlight gave me in 2010 so I started into XNA.  Then Microsoft killed XNA, I got busy at work, and eventually moved to CA for 4 years.  While in CA, Monogame took over where XNA had left a hole in my heart and I decided to give this thing another try.  Work has been busy, I’ve moved more than half a dozen times, finally back to the Midwest and finally settled down (no more moves).  It’s been a slow process but I’m getting closer to something new…


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